EVolution V-box Spreader

EVolution Smart Spreader EVolution V-box Spreader
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EVolution V-box Spreader EVolution V-box Spreader EVolution V-box Spreader EVolution V-box Spreader



Introducing Swenson’s EVolution, the new integrated smart spreader that combines advanced European technology and the highest quality American manufacturing to deliver precise material placement, enhanced ice melting ability, and cost reductions while improving safety for your drivers and community.

  • Advanced in-cab controller allows driver to choose from one to three lanes of coverage with six different spread pattern options
  • 26 gallon per minute liquid pump supports a 70:30 ratio of granular salt to liquid pre-wet ratio - that's ratio of 65 gallons per cubic yard of salt. 
  • Cost savings of 35% or more are achieved with precise placement and enhanced melt through 70:30 ratio.



Size Specifications: 10', 12' & 14'
Capacity: 6.7, 8.1 & 11.2 cu. yd.
Construction: Stainless Steel
Application Rate: Consistent application rate based on ground speed
Steel Gauges: 12 gauge stainless steel sides and ends with 7 gauge longitudinals
Control System  CAN bus connection
Safety Features: Drop N Loc top screens
Warranty Details: 1 year
Options: Cab shield, rear spill shield, light bar, warning light, additional work light, catwalks, and more.

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Price: 0.00 EUR
Applications: Parking Lot, Roads, Highways
Materials materials: Salt, Sand, Salt / Sand Mix, Magnesium Chloride, Clear Path Ice Melt, Treated Rock Salt
Vehicle Vehicle: 20,000 GVW +
Features Features: Stainless Steel, Engine Drive - Gas
Truck Truck: 20,000+ GVW
Material Conveying Method Material Conveying Method: Drag chain
Terrain Terrain: Flat terrian
Drive Drive: Hydraulic motor
Hopper Construction Hopper-Construction: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Capacity Capacity: 4.3 cu yd to 12.0 cu yd
Mounting Mounting: Slide in dump bed
Other Features Other-Features: 6 to 1 spur gearbox / 2 inch drive shaft / 1-1/2 inch idler shaft
step two appplication: Parking Lot, Single Lane Road, Airport, Highway / Expressway
step three material: Salt / Sand Mix, Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt , 3/8 Chips
step four other: Hydraulic, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Granular - Aggregate Granular - Aggregate: 3/8" Chips, Salt / Sand Mix
Granular - Bulk Material: Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt, Sand
Hopper Construction: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Drive: Hydraulic
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