Replaceable Tailgate Electric Spreader RTEL
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  • Designed to replace existing dump body tailgates during winter months for de-icing operations
  • Separate electric motors for the auger and spinner provide independent control of each function
  • Single 6" auger with continuous fliting and drop port located 4-1/2" from left end of trough, spreading mostly to the side of the vehicle; center drop port also available
  • Electric safety interlock system disables auger and agitator during clean out and maintenance
  • Chain and sprocket drive system reduces auger speed
  • 18" spinner disk
  • Anti-flow plate located over drop port prevents material free flow while auger is not turning
  • Hinged bottom door allows for easy clean out or blockage removal
  • Mounting kit includes 1-1/4" hinge pins to fit various makes of dump bodies
  • Dual speed variable controller


Size 88" or 96" wide x 23" tall x 16.5" deep
Weight 396 lbs.
Construction 10 ga. corrosion-resistant stainless steel or painted carbon steel
Spinner 18" disk
Auger 6" 
Application 4' to 40' spread pattern
Safety features Electric Interlock System
Warranty Details: 1 year
Options: Center drop, left drop, vibrator kit



Price: 0.00 EUR
Applications: Parking Lot, Roads, Highways
Materials materials: Salt, Sand, Salt / Sand Mix, Magnesium Chloride, Clear Path Ice Melt, Treated Rock Salt
Vehicle Vehicle: 15,000 GVW +, Dump Bodies with dump bed floors greater than 44" from ground application
Features Features: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Engine Drive - Gas, Hydraulic, Electric
Material Conveying Method Material Conveying Method: Auger
Terrain Terrain: Flat terrian
Drive Drive: 2 - 1/2HP Electric Motors
Hopper Construction Hopper-Construction: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Capacity Capacity: N/A
Mounting Mounting: Direct to dump body
Other Features Other-Features: Electric safety interlock
step two appplication: Parking Lot, Single Lane Road, Airport, Highway / Expressway
step three material: Salt / Sand Mix, Clear Path Ice Melt, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Magnesium Chloride, Treated Rock Salt
step four other: Electric, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Granular - Aggregate Granular - Aggregate: Salt / Sand Mix
Granular - Bagged Materials: Calcium Chloride, Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt
Granular - Bulk Material: Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt, Sand
Hopper Construction: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Drive: Electric
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