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Tailgate Spreaders - Tailhawk™ Tailhawk™ 750
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Tailhawk™ 750 Tailhawk™ 750 Tailhawk™ 750 Tailhawk™ 750 Tailhawk™ 750


  • Thermoplastic construction offers a low maintenance solution
  • One piece cover allows for easy filling
  • 12V direct drive, high torque motor grinds through large chunks of material
  • Designed to spread all bagged, free flowing material
  • In-cab controller allows you to control your spread pattern
  • Blast mode provides an on-command surge to grind through harder chunks
  • Various mounting methods to fit a wide variety of vehicles
  • Spreads up to 20 feet wide
  • All frame components are powder-coated to extend the life of your spreader
  • Two hopper capacities available - 5.75 and 10.75 cu.ft.
  • Optional: vibrator kit for sand applications, top screen to keep large chunks out, flow gate to regulate flow, motor guard to protect the electric motor


Sizes: Tailhawk 350:  35.5"H x 49"W x 30"D
Tailhawk 750:  44.5"H x 53.6"W x 25"D
Capacity: Tailhawk 350:  5.75 cu.ft. or 350 lbs.
Tailhawk 750:  10.75 cu.ft. or 750 lbs.
Construction: Thermoplastic hopper, carbon steel frame
Spread width: 3 to 20 foot spread pattern
Steel gauges: Carbon steel frame
Safety features: High visibility orange
Warranty  1 year
Options: Vibrator kit, top screen, motor guard, flow gate control, fixed mount, dump body mount (750), flat bed mount (750), hinged mount (750), utility mount (350), 3-point mount (350), receiver hitch mount (350, 750)



Price: 0.00 EUR
Applications: Parking Lot, Private Communities
Materials materials: Salt, Sand
Vehicle Vehicle: Light Trucks
Features Features: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Poly, Electric
Truck Truck: Light pick up trucks and tractors with 3-point hitch
Material Conveying Method Material Conveying Method: Auger
Terrain Terrain: Flat open areas
Drive Drive: Electric
Hopper Construction Hopper-Construction: Polyethylene
Capacity Capacity: 350lbs & 750lbs
Mounting Mounting: Hitch Mount
Other Features Other-Features: In cab controls
step two appplication: Sidewalks, Driveway, Parking Lot
step three material: Salt / Sand Mix, Clear Path Ice Melt, Calcium Chloride, Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt
step four other: Poly, Electric
Granular - Aggregate Granular - Aggregate: Salt / Sand Mix
Granular - Bagged Materials: Calcium Chloride, Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt
Hopper Construction: Poly
Drive: Electric
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