UTV/Light Pick-Up Spreader




  • Designed with a low profile to fit in areas where larger spreaders cannot go, the LPV-SELECT works well on smaller UTVs and pickup trucks.
  • 3 ft. hopper with 0.3 cu.yd. capacity, 5 ft. hopper with 0.5 cu.yd. capacity.
  • More maintenance-free materials and parts provide more durability and protect against damaging weather and chemicals.
  • Lighter hopper with formed floor supports
  • Tapered inverted vee for more productive material feed.
  • Drive options: hydraulic, dual motor electric. Drag chain or belt over chain conveyor options.
  • Carbon or stainless steel.

Best for

  • Municipalities
  • Landscapers
  • Large complexes


  • Vehicle: UTV, small pickups
  • Application: Urban streets and alleys, parking lots
  • Materials: Rock salt, sand, salt/sand mix
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