Professional Series V-Box Spreaders NEW PV-SELECT
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  • Designed for light duty, medium duty pickup, and flatbed trucks.
  • Ideal for use by municipality fleets, landscapers, and other contractors.
  • Available in 6 and 8-foot hopper lengths.
  • Available in hydraulic, dual motor electric, or gas drive options, with drag chain or belt over chain conveyor choices.
  • More maintenance-free materials provide added strength and durability to protect against harsh weather and corrosive chemicals.
  • Bolt-in replaceable floor is easy to maintain.
  • Full length rubber chain shields eliminate leaking material.
  • Second chain wiper removes residual material on the drag chain bar flights.
  • Tapered inverted-v moves center of gravity to the middle of the chassis, making the way the material moves safer.
  • Chain tensioner on the drive chain keeps constant tension on the spring eliminating frequent manual adjustments.
  • Tapered feedgate operates smoothly every time.
  • Light poly spinner has formed handles and quick pin connector for fast attachment and removal.
  • Coned center hub provides better balance, prevents material build up around the spinner shaft. Interrupted directional flights on spinner provides more consistent spreading.
  • Various spinner heights available to accommodate truck bed height.
  • Drop-n-Loc style sectional top screens are easier to remove and feature corner lift points for safer lifting. Recessed edges prevent interference from added accessories.
  • 10 year warranty on poly idler assembly; 1 year on spreader


Size  6 ft., 8 ft.
Capacity 1.5 cu.yd., 2.0 cu.yd.
Construction 10 gauge with 7 gauge sides/longitudinals
12 gauge with 10 gauge sides/longitudinals
Carbon or maintenance-free stainless steel
Drive Hydraulic
Dual motor electric

Drag chain

Disc 14” poly
Spread width Up to 30 feet
Top screens Drop-n-Loc sectional carbon top screens
Warranty  Poly idler assembly 10 years
Spreader 1 year
Options Tarp kit, side extensions, vibrator kit, tie down kit




Price: 0.00 EUR
Applications: Driveway, Parking Lot, Tight Spaces
Materials materials: Salt, Sand, Salt / Sand Mix
Vehicle Vehicle: ¾ ton pickup trucks and greater
Features Features: Poly, Hydraulic
Truck Truck: 3/4 - 1 ton Pick up truck
Material Conveying Method Material Conveying Method: Drag chain
Terrain Terrain: Flat and small elevations
Drive Drive: 1/2HP Electric Motor
Hopper Construction Hopper-Construction: Steel
Capacity Capacity: 2.0 cu yd
Mounting Mounting: Slide in truck bed
Other Features Other-Features: Dual motor variable speed in cab controller
step two appplication: Driveway, Parking Lot, Single Lane Road, Airport
step three material: Salt / Sand Mix, Clear Path Ice Melt, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt , 3/8 Chips
step four other: Poly, Electric
Granular - Aggregate Granular - Aggregate: 3/8" Chips, Salt / Sand Mix
Granular - Bagged Materials: Calcium Chloride, Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sand, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt
Granular - Bulk Material: Clear Path Ice Melt, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride - Rock Salt, Treated Rock Salt, Sand
Hopper Construction: Poly
Drive: Electric
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