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Anti-Ice Systems – Large Capacity


  • For large trucks Class 5+ (16,001+ lbs. GVW)
  • Designed to meet the needs of government agencies and large scale contractors
  • Ideal for pretreating highways, intersections and parking lots before a snow or ice event
  • UV protected thermoplastic tanks are maintenance-free
  • Internal baffles keep liquid mixed at all times
  • Hydraulic liquid pump can be hooked to your hydraulic system
  • Height-adjustable spray bar will work on various truck bed heights; includes maintenance-free stainless steel boom cover
  • Available with fan spray or streamer nozzles for multiple application types
  • In-line check valves reduce excessive dripping from nozzles
  • Five ports with three-way adjustable nozzles give unlimited spray patterns and application rates
  • Rapid discharge port provides faster emptying outside of spray bar
  • Self-storing and loading leg stands are always ready to use
  • All frame components are powder coated for a long life
  • Accepts third party electric controls for use on any truck


  • Size
    6 feet wide, height adjustable spray bar
  • Capacity
    1,000/1,300/1,650/1,800 gallons
  • Weight
    Empty: 3,000/3,200/3,600/3,800 lbs.
    Full: 3,555/11,500/20,600/32,500 lbs.
  • Construction
    Thermoplastic tank, carbon steel/stainless steel frame and leg stand
  • Application Rate
    1 to 3 lanes; 70 gallons/lane mi. @ 40 mph
  • Safety Features
    Integrated light bar
  • Warranty Details
    1 year
  • Options
    50 foot hose w/reel, flow meter, ladder, catwalk, booms, spray guns


Liquid Calcuim Chloride • Liquid Magnesium Chloride • Brine

Standard Models

Part # Description Length Height Width Capacity Weight
00002-460-20 LAI hydraulic driven anti-ice system 1,000 gal 3,000 lb
00002-460-21 LAI hydraulic driven anti-ice system 1,300 gal 3,200 lb
00002-460-22 LAI hydraulic driven anti-ice system, elliptical tank 1,600 gal 3,600 lb
00002-460-23 LAI hydraulic driven anti-ice system, dual tanks 1,800 gal 3,800 lb