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PV100 Anti-Ice


  • Space saving tank design allows you to use your truck bed to carry bagged material
  • 100-400 gallon capacities available
  • Wireless remote operation eliminates cables running through your firewall and provides easier spreader operation
  • 6.5 HP electric gas engine
  • Hitch mount, single lane boom
  • Stainless steel boom cover provides protection for your spray bar
  • 5 nozzle ports with 3-way adjustable nozzles give you varied spray patterns and application rates
  • Jet tank agitation keeps your liquid mixed at all times
  • 150’ and 300’ hose options allow you to cover more area without moving your vehicle
  • Curb-side-mounted hose reel allows you to spray sidewalks without entering traffic
  • Adjustable spray gun with interchangeable nozzle tips allows you to spray different material types


  • Size Specifications
    PV100 – 60 1/4" W-top, 48"W-base x 20"T x 39"L
    PV200 – 70" W-top, 48"W-base x 30"T x 39"L
    PV300 – 70" W-top, 48"W-base x 34"T x 39"L
    PV400 – 70 1/2" W-top, 60"W-base x 39"T x 52"L
  • Capacity
    100 gallon / 200 gallon / 300 gallon / 400 gallon
  • Construction
    Thermo plastic hopper, stainless steel engine plate and boom cover
  • Spread Width
    Single lane
  • Application Rate
    15 to 160 gallons per acre (GPA)
  • Safety Features
    Lockable lid / Curbside mounted hose reel
  • Warranty Details
    1 year
  • Options
    300' hose, electric hose reel


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