• APB Select with plow
  • APB Select with black spinner
  • APB Select with plow
  • APB Select with black spinner

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APB Select


  • Double acting tailgate with spreader chains provides two way tailgate release
  • 34" wide conveyor moves a variety of materials
  • Direct drive hydraulic motor is reliable and easily serviced
  • Standard air operated tailgate
  • Optional conveyor cover plate
  • Pinned in feedgate allows for easy removal when not in use
  • Optional front discharge provides increased front tire traction
  • Optional high temp belt over chain provides smooth conveyance of most materials including asphalt
  • 8 tooth sprocket and 2" drive/idler shafts provides smooth conveyance of material


  • Size Specifications
    Body Length: 9' to 16'
    Side Heights: 28.0" to 44.0"
    Tailgate Heights: 38.0" to 54.0"
  • Capacity
    5.0 to 16.5 cu yds
  • Construction
    Stainless steel, carbon steel, Corten
  • Application Rate
    4' to 40' spread pattern, 400 to 900 lbs per lane mile
  • Steel Gauges
    7 gauge sides
  • Warranty Details
    1 year
  • Options
    Pre-wet systems, high temp belt over chain, top screens, double acting cylinder, ladder, dual flow control valve, rear conveyor switch, vibrator, 3 door feedgate


Rock Salt • Sand • Salt/Sand Mix • 3/8 Chips • Asphalt