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STCC Cross Conveyor Spreader


  • Designed for Class 7 + trucks (26,000 GVW )
  • An all-around performer designed for year round use including trench filling, shouldering, road sander and asphalt patching
  • High temp belt over chain handles a variety of materials to either side of truck
  • Hinged top cover makes dump truck functional while not spreading
  • Adjustable feedgate allows precise material output adjustment, even when loaded.
  • Quick detach 24” extension plate can be used on either side of conveyor
  • Dual feedgate allow materials to be discharged on either side of truck


  • Size Specifications
    102" long x 33" x 32" deep
    1100 lbs
  • Capacity
  • Construction
    Corrosion Resistant Stainless or Painted Carbon Steel
  • Flow Rate
    240 tons / hour
  • Steel Gauges
    10 ga body and 1/4" end plates
  • Safety Features
    Hinged top cover and endplate, Optional Lightbar, Optional Legstands
  • Warranty Details
    1 year
  • Options
    Leg stands, reversing valve, spinner system, 4' motorized extension, light bar


Sand • Salt/Sand Mix • 3/8 Chips • Shoulder Gravel • Asphalt

Standard Models

Part # Description Width Matieral Weight Construction
00002-035-32 STCC cross conveyor spreader 102" Asphalt 990 lb Carbon
00002-035-25 STCC cross conveyor spreader 102" Asphalt 990 lb Stainless
00002-37-35 LED light kit, includes stop, turn, tail lights, three-light ID cluster, junction box, both halves of 7-pin trailer plug; prewired for easy installation 10 lb
00002-37-01 Reversing valve, allows operator to select conveyor at direction at the rear of truck; includes valve, mounting brackets, and hose to mount on spreader 20 lb
00002-37-16 Spinner assembly inlcudes 18" poly disc, can be installed on the left end of spreader to satisfy various spreading requiremnets, driect coupled top mounted hydraulic motor Salt/sand mix 100 lb
00002-199-00 Storage legs are adjustable height, permantly mounts to STCC, fold up to store 725 lb
00002-037-13 4’ motorized extension extends material drop 4’ from the end of the cross conveyor for shouldering/trench filling applications, fold up design, single drive motor runs off main conveyor circuit, straight belt conveyor, powder-coated black. Adds 14” to overall mounted width when folded up. 280 lb